Should you use towels or paper towels? This is a very common and much asked question. This is kind of a difficult question because it is one that the answer depends only fromy you. This is more of a matter of opinion than fact. Of course, each one has its advantages and disadvantages, but you will have to decide what is best for your household. This article is not meant to persuade you in either direction, but help you choose by giving you the facts what is best for your home.

Why Towels?

Most people will tell you that towels are a clear choice. Why would you want to throw away a paper towel every time you use it, when you can reuse a towel over and over again? Clearly, choosing a towel over a paper towel is a much healthier choice for the environment, and it saves you money. Fabric towels do not waste paper or fill up land fields. So why would a cloth towel not be a clear cut choice for everyone? If everyone would stop using paper towels, we could save thousands of trees. But othere is the opposite opinion in terms of germs and hygiene.

Why Paper Towels? 

Paper towels are the preferred choice for many people because they do not spread germs. Yes it may seem a little wasteful, but isn’t it worth not having the possibility of spreading illnesses like cold and flu bugs? Fabric towels are often used by different people, and many of them may have harmful bacteria on their hands that can spread to others, causing you to get E. coli or salmonella poisoning. Do you want an eco-friendly household, or a clean and healthy one? Well you can have both. Recycled paper towels are a more eco-friendly alternative.  In order to keep fabric towels clean, they need to be washed often. This uses more water and detergent which also harms the environment. This is a waste that is not very economical at all.

It’s Your Choice.

The arguments have been made. Now it is your decisioun which one to choose. We all want healthy household and clean environment. But you have to be the one who decides what’s best for you and your family.