Allergies are a nightmare for those of us that suffer from them, especially at this time of year. They can be triggered by anything from mould and dust mites in the home or office to pollen brought into buildings from the outside.

At ABClean we’ve put together some great tips to help you to alleviate your suffering this summer!

Remove mould from your bathroom

Mould releases spores that can cause respiratory problems and cause allergic reactions in some people. This site has some great advice on how to get rid of it.

Take your shoes off!

It isn’t just polite to take your shoes off when you’re at someone’s house, it also has practical benefits, too. Allergens such as pollen can be brought in from outside under foot and then trampled into carpets, so take your shoes off before you come in!

Use a fan instead of opening the windows

It’s tempting to open the windows when you’re in the office and it’s hot outside, but that will actually make it hotter and let more allergens inside the building! Using a fan is a far more efficient method of cooling down.

Get a dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers reduce the moisture content in the air, helping to prevent mould growth and allergic reactions caused by their spores.

Rethink your houseplants

Flowers in the house are great for brightening the place up, but if you suffer from allergies they are often one of the main culprits, as the spores from naturally occurring mould can cause irritation.

Don’t let pets sleep in your bed!

Fur is a great transportation method for pollen, so if you wake up sniffling and you let pets sleep in your bedroom, they might be to blame!

Wash your hair before you go to sleep

On the other hand, your own hair can also be a great transportation method for pollen, so you might want to think about washing your hair before you go to sleep rather than after you wake up.

Exercise later in the day

The highest pollen count is in the morning between 5 am and 10 am, so exercising in the morning before work can sometimes trigger allergies.

Get a decent vacuum

A vacuum with a HEPA-rated filter won’t inadvertently pump any of the dust that it just hoovered up back into the air, helping to protect against allergies.

Have your upholstery and carpets thoroughly cleaned

Finally, you might think we’re biased, but having your carpets and upholstery cleaned by a professional is one of the best ways you can prevent allergy flare-ups. Many of the chief culprits when it comes to allergies such as pollen and dust mites can hide deep within your carpets or upholstery where a vacuum cleaner won’t be able to reach them. At ABClean we utilise powerful Hot Water Extraction (HWE) machines to get the deepest clean possible. A properly clean workplace is more productive and a properly clean home gives you somewhere you can actually relax, free from allergies.

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