We all know housework is a necessity and there is very little we can do to avoid it, you may find it a little bit more fun when you turn it into a family activity.

By engaging children in household cleaning and tidying, you get to spend more time doing fun, educational things with the people you love! What could be better? Follow ABClean‘s simple tips to get your little ones involved.

Get them small sized or toy equipment

When you get to work with the weekly chores, get your little ones involved. Get smaller toy sized versions of dustpans and brushes, hoovers and a even their own feather duster. At this stage it’s more about teaching your children the importance of looking after belongings, your home and themselves.

Tell them why they need to wash their hands

Personal hygiene is a big lesson for all children, we teach them to clean their teeth and wash their hands from a very young age and it is important for them to understand why. This is much the same for looking after the home. Let them know why we clean the kitchen of germs and bacteria, and the importance of cleaning carpets regularly because nasty bugs live in there that can cause harm to you.

Make post it note to do lists so they have clear goals in a fun medium

Create fun systems to get everybody involved. Make job lists on post its and every time a chore is completed they can stack up there own pile. This not only helps you get things done but gives them a huge sense of achievement while learning how to respect where they live.

Don’t ‘Just do it yourself’

It may be tempting to ‘just do it yourself’, but don’t! These lessons are so important for children to learn and really a little hard work now will save you so much time in the future when you are dragging teenagers out of bedrooms so you can clean them – and nobody is looking forward to that!

Here at ABClean, we can help you with the bigger jobs so you don’t need to worry. We believe in value for money for our customers, we would not have invested so much, if it was possible to clean just as well with a hired portable machine. Our amazing equipment does the job properly and efficiently first time every time. We can also offer you one-off cleaning services for when you just have not got the time to tackle those bigger jobs

We cover all of Greater London and London areas – see here to see if we cover your area. Our flexible hours suit your business or working hours and we can help you with your carpets, upholstery, rugs, stone floors, marble, hard floors and vinyl floors. Our team is fully trained so you can be safe in the knowledge your home will be looked after. Give us a call for a free no obligation quote today.