Stubborn stains can come from virtually anything. With products and goods coming from different mixtures, there is always a good chance that your freshly pressed shirt will falls a victim.  A nasty stain can ruin that beautiful dress you have chosen for a special occasion. It is very nice to grab someone’s attention with a stunning dress but getting them to turn their heads because of a stain is a completely different story.

Quick Action

What’s the first step that you do when you have stained your dress? You can’t just throw away an expensive suit just because your toddler grabbed you with their sticky hands or careless driver just drove by and splashed a good amount of mud on your perfect look. It is important to take actions imediately in order to prevent the stain from leaving a permanent mark and ruin the dress. There are simple DIY steps that work well to most stains, if not all for your cleaning and household needs.

Removing Stubborn Stains

  1. Remove anything on the surface by scraping it making sure that the stain is not spread.
  2. In order to keep it from spreading, a club soda should be poured on it.
  3. A few drops of detergent with a few cups of water will work in most stubborn stains. For others, shampoo will do for muds, rubbing alcohol for ink and WD-40 for grease.
  4. Using a clean cloth, dab the mixture on the stain and make sure that you use clean clothes every time you repeat the process.
  5. Cold water should be used to rinse it and with a mild detergent, wash the entire cloth in your washing machine or by hand and let it air dry.

You don’t usually need expert hands for your cleaning and household needs. Sometimes, simple and practical steps will always save you a few bucks. However, there are fabrics that are so delicate that it is always wise to bring them straight to a professional.