Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning London

Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning London

Moving out of a property and need to keep hold of your deposit? Preparing a property for new tenants and want to make the best possible impression? Sounds like you need an end of tenancy cleaning service…

The London housing and rental market is the busiest in the whole country. Properties can be listed and filled in the same day and deposits of several thousand pounds are taken to secure new lets. It’s vital for tenants to keep hold of as much of their deposit as possible in order to fund their next rental. Meanwhile, landlords also need to ensure their rental properties are filled quickly when a tenant leaves, which means they need clean and presentable properties that impress. Often a key area of disagreement is the cleanliness of the property.

Most rental contracts contain a clause that a property needs to be left in a professionally clean condition in order to receive a full return of the deposit, but many tenants attempt to carry this out themselves. The problem is many tenants do not have the time, skills or equipment to carry out this cleaning to the standards expected by the landlord. It can be far more cost effective to employ a third party cleaning company in this process so that both landlord and tenant can rest easy in the knowledge the job will be done properly and any conflict will be avoided. To address these needs, ABClean offer an end of tenancy cleaning service.

Why it’s better to hire a professional end of tenancy cleaner in London

We often hear horror stories of lost deposits resulting from rental properties that have been left in a poor state. It could be down to dirty carpets, discoloured grouting or dirty skirting boards. It’s especially frustrating for tenants who have tried their best to tidy the property but haven’t been able to do enough to save their deposit. One of the reasons why tenants are rarely able to achieve satisfactory cleaning results is they do not have access to the professional grade tools that a professional clean has. At ABClean we bring all of our own equipment to our end of tenancy cleaning bookings and our equipment is amongst the best available. Consumer grade equipment simply lacks the power and the durability of professional gear. We are able to clean more thoroughly and efficiently, getting better results in far less time than is possible with off the shelf cleaning gear.

Save time as well as money

The turbulence of the London rental market means that moving home is becoming a semi-regular occurrence for many people. It’s never going to become something to look forward to; the packing down of possessions, cherished items and equipment will always be stressful. Knowing that you’ll need to get down on your hands and knees to scrub the floors and skirting boards only makes this process more demanding. You can take some of the pressure off by booking our end of tenancy service. One of the aims of the service is to take some of the stress out of this process by placing less of a burden on your time during your move. The hours saved by booking a professional end of tenancy cleaning service means more time to pack and more time to get comfortable in your new home, as well as saving that valuable deposit for future use.

For both landlords and tenants

We understand that for landlords, time is money. Properties need to be occupied quickly and this can be difficult if they have been left in a poor state by the previous tenants. Having been in operation for a number of years, the team at ABClean have developed workflows that are quick, efficient and deliver top quality results without compromise. If you’re a landlord who is looking for a reliable cleaning company that can sort out their property at the kind of pace demanded by the London property market, ABClean are the company you have been looking for. There is no substitute for experience and our team have a ton of it. We don’t miss spots, we know how to deal with problem areas and we will not require micromanaging to get the results you need.

Thorough end of tenancy cleaning

Our services are thorough, meaning we clean beyond what many expect and delivering better results. Customer service is our top priority so we always go the extra mile, cleaning inside appliances and cupboards as well as out, polishing floors and removing marks where necessary, even dealing with stubborn limescale and grout stains. Not only will this help with the smooth rental of a property, but it will also mean that the appliances and surfaces of your property last for years longer, potentially saving hundreds of pounds in domestic repairs. If there are areas of the property or appliances that are a particular concern then do let us know and we will ensure they are prioritised by our team.

Key jobs in our end of tenancy cleaning services:


  • all kitchen cupboards and drawers cleaned inside and outside;
  • all surfaces wiped and polished;
  • sink and taps cleaned and de-scaled;
  • oven cleaned and degreased inside and outside;
  • fridge and freezer cleaned inside (needs to be defrosted first) and outside;
  • dishwasher (if fitted) cleaned inside and outside;
  • washing machine cleaned inside and outside, including soap dispenser;
  • microwave cleaned inside and outside;
  • bins cleaned inside and outside;
  • all floors vacuumed and/or mopped.


  • shower screen cleaned, descaled and polished;
  • bath, basin, shower and taps cleaned and descaled;
  • mirrors and windows cleaned and polished;
  • tiles cleaned and descaled;
  • floors vacuumed and mopped.

Bedrooms and General:

  • dusting of wall fittings, shelves, light switches, drawers, wardrobes, etc;
  • all carpeted floors vacuumed;
  • all other floors mopped with appropriate chemicals;
  • all skirting boards dusted;
  • all windows cleaned from inside and window sills wiped.

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning service prices start from £120.00 for a studio flat. If you think your property requires lighter cleaning for several hours, give us a call to discuss as we can offer individually tailored prices or check out our Spring Cleaning service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Domestic Cleaning

Our cleaners will use whatever products the customer provides for domestic cleaning.

Not as a rule. We can send CRB checked cleaner upon request.

You can pay cash, cheque, standing order or bank transfer. You can pay weekly or monthly.

Domestic cleaning is offered between 7:30am and 8:30pm for all our valued customers requiring domestic cleaning services in London.

Yes, we do. Just give one of our operatives a call and they will be happy to assist you with a free quote for house cleaning in London.

We will make sure that we clean the rooms that you want us to clean when working in your home. If you request that we pay attention to the bathrooms then we will absolutely clean them for you to an outstanding level.

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We will clean windows internally if necessary as well as other class surfaces where necessary. This can include mirrors and cabinets as well as shower screens or any other kind of glass surface indoors.

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Yes. Ovens are an often overlooked item when it comes to domestic cleaning. due to the high temperature involved, even small spillages can become incredibly tough to remove if not promptly dealt with. Over time, we find that even carefully looked after ovens will require some serious care and attention. Our experienced team are more than a match for the tasks, making sure that challenging marks are safely removed, restoring your oven to excellent condition.

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