Professional Spring & One-off Cleaning in London

Professional Spring & One-off Cleaning in London

Does your busy lifestyle leave very little time for cleaning? Would you like some help to get back on track with keeping your home looking the way you want it to? If this strikes a chord with you, then you should consider our Spring and One-off Cleaning service.

London is an amazing place to live, there are tons of things to do and new, exciting things to see popping up all the time. Work and travel can also be pretty demanding. All this can add up to a pretty hectic pace of day to day living. Our free time is more valuable than ever, it’s sacred, so it’s vital to spend your time where it counts; with friends and loved ones or simply relaxing. Unfortunately the city can also be a pretty mucky place to live and a lot of this dust and dirt can quickly find its way into your home. Not all homeowners have the time or equipment to deal with this properly whilst also getting the most from their free time. This is why we offer our one off cleaning services, to give you that extra bit of help and keep your home up to scratch.

Taking the cleaning burden off you

If you don’t fancy spending your evenings and weekends on your knees scrubbing the kitchen floor or dusting those hard to reach spots, we understand. But the last thing most people want to come home to after a long day’s work is a dirty home.

If cleaning has been on the agenda for weeks but never seems to get done and has begun to nag away at you then now might be the perfect time to book a one-off cleaning service. We can help you reset the cleaning dial and make an impact. Many people know ABClean for our regular maintenance cleaning work, but we also offer a flexible one-off service to new and returning customers alike. The service is designed to take the cleaning burden off our customers so they can spend more time doing the things they love, whilst enjoying a fresh smelling and beautifully clean home environment.

We often find that it’s much easier to keep on top of the cleaning once you’ve had a fresh start. If the clutter has piled up around you, it’s very easy to leave things lying around, meaning it just gets worse. When you start afresh, with a clean and tidy home things stand out, meaning you can keep on top of them properly.

Adaptable one-off cleaning services in London for any budget

Our spring and one-off cleaning service is adaptable to different budgets to make your life easier, whatever your needs. If you already have plenty of cleaning equipment in your home you can save some of your cleaning budget by allowing us to put it to use. Alternatively if you prefer an even more professional touch we can provide our own equipment to deliver some of the best cleaning available in London.

We are more than happy to offer flexibility in terms of where and how we clean too, so if you would like us to pay particular attention to one room or surface simply let our friendly team know and we will do all we can to meet your requirements. If it’s just the more communal areas of your home, such as the living and dining rooms we can help you get these up to scratch for both occupants and visitors. We often find that the thoroughfares of hallways and landings require extra attention as they are most frequently overlooked while at the same time being areas of higher foot traffic. If you aren’t sure what needs the most attention just get in touch, having a fresh pair of eyes can pick up on all sorts of things that you may miss yourself.

One-off cleaning in London with top quality results

Our dedicated cleaning teams always keep customer service in mind as a top priority, regardless of the scale of the job. This means that your spring or one-off clean will be completed to an industry-leading level. What does this mean? Well, cupboards and closets can be cleaned inside and out, as well as dishwashers, ovens and other appliances. When it comes to bathrooms and skirting boards we don’t cut corners. You can expect taps, sinks and shower screens to be properly descaled and dusty skirting boards will not be missed.

Our one-off cleaning service is based on a booking for an agreed number of hours, so you can choose as many hours as you need (minimum 3 hours) and specify which areas of your home you want us to prioritise cleaning. We will work on any general cleaning tasks you request and can even get the ironing done for you too should you need us to help out with the laundry.

Here is an example of some of the jobs that a typical Spring & One-off cleaning job from ABClean would entail:


  • clean all kitchen cupboards and doors inside and out;
  • clean oven and microwave inside and out;
  • clean dishwasher and washing machine inside and out.


  • clean and de-scale taps, sinks, bath, toilet, shower screen;
  • mop or vacuum floors;
  • clean mirrors and windows.

Bedrooms and General:

  • vacuum all areas;
  • dust skirting boards, shelves, wall fittings, tables, etc;
  • clean wardrobes and drawers inside and out;
  • clean cobwebs and chandeliers;
  • clean windows and window sills inside.

You can add as many varied cleaning duties as you wish.

Our Spring and One-off Cleaning service costs £12 per hour if you provide cleaning equipment and materials or we can provide the labour, equipment and materials for £14 per hour.

Please note that the minimum booking is for 3 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

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