Do you have a cleaner? Do you clean the house yourself? We all lead busy lives and there’s huge pressure on us all to earn as much money as possible these days. That almost certainly means that you’re working very hard and probably for many hours a week, sometimes (or always) beyond the number you’re actually contracted to complete. It also means that you get very little spare time and when you do get some, you want to relax and enjoy yourself, not spend ages cleaning your house. Domestic cleaning can be a chore but it needn’t be – why not leave it to us at AB Clean?


You will probably have concerns; giving a house key to someone you’ve only just met, doubts over whether the cleaner will do everything you’ve requested, will they vacuum under furniture, turn up on time, will you have to make sure you have the cash to pay after each session?


At AB Clean, we take pride in ensuring that everything you want is thought of and provided as part of our standard service. We carefully screen all our domestic cleaning staff before we employ them so that you can be confident that they will respect your home in the same way you do. You can also feel safe in the knowledge that your door key is in reliable hands and your home will be cleaned thoroughly and efficiently to the highest possible standards, including areas that cleaners usually neglect. We think it is important to ensure that baseboards and ceiling fans are thoroughly cleaned, together with coffee pots and kettles. We’re also sure you will want to us to clean behind the lavatory and make certain all the door handles are wiped clean of finger marks. Bathroom mirrors and baths should be left looking shiny and we also take care to see that lamps and light fittings are always dusted and wiped too.


Not only do we do all that but we also ensure that cleaning takes place at a time convenient to you, which can either be when you’re at home or when you’re out, whichever you prefer. What’s more, we also offer the option to pay at every month end and we’ll give you an invoice to help you keep track of the cost.


So make the most of your leisure time and leave the domestic cleaning to us.