Office & Business Cleaning in London

Office & Business Cleaning in London

ABClean provide professional office cleaning services individually tailored to the specific requirements of a huge variety of businesses throughout London.

London’s offices are some of the busiest places in the capital. In many buildings, thousands of visitors and staff will pass through the doors on a daily basis. With this level of traffic going to and fro these buildings require thorough regular maintenance to keep these places pleasant and prevent obvious signs of wear and tear from becoming visible. From the collection and disposal of rubbish to dealing with any spills or dirt carried in from the outside there are many small jobs that needed just to keep your place of work presentable. Carpeted floors often need daily vacuuming, hard floors will need mopping and polishing and bathrooms need a fair bit of attention in order to keep them up to scratch. If you are looking for a dedicate team to keep your office or business clean and tidy then ABClean is the answer.

Understanding business and office cleaning needs

Business in London is moving faster than ever. Business owners need cleaning services that are both absolutely reliable and independent enough to not require micro management. The demands will vary; often cleaning can only take place late in the evenings or early in the mornings so as not to disrupt the business and a pro-active approach is absolutely necessary. We appreciate the unique challenges every business faces when trying to find a cleaning company that can meet these complex criteria. So for this reason we provide our own office cleaning service which we offers first rate cleaning and better for money so that you can focus on your work.

Safe business and office cleaning

When working in any public or private building used by multiple people, it is vital that proper health and safety procedures are considered. Appropriate clothing should be worn by all cleaning staff and signage should be used where needed to alert people to the cleaning work that is taking place. Our cleaners are vetted to ensure competency and reliability. You can rest assured that ABClean follow best practices, rules and guidelines in this regard as we take the safety of our work extremely seriously. Where necessary we will carry out thorough risk assessments before our office cleaning services begin.

Experience-backed cleaning services for offices

Not only do we bring a fresh pair of eyes, picking up on the little things that regular inhabitants can often become blind to, we bring with us the experience to clean your office to a higher standard. Our team are well practiced at identifying and dealing with all the small issues that need to be dealt with to get your premises cleaned to the highest possible standard. By anticipating the challenges that we can expect to deal with in your office, we can work quickly and efficiently. As your office is being cleaned our cleaning teams remain extremely conscientious, cleaning up after themselves and not leaving equipment or signage behind. The only sign of our presence you will notice is the fantastically clean office you and your staff can enjoy each day.

Scalable office cleaning

No jobs are too big or too small for our office cleaning services. We offer them to individual and shared office spaces as well as giant multi-story headquarters and everything in between. Each client has their own unique needs so our regular contracts are offered at a number of great-value tiers, from daily, to weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. Whatever your office cleaning needs, our service will address and deliver on them. In addition to the regular cleaning that is carried out, we can carry out deeper, more specialist cleaning services as required such as professional carpet cleaning, saving you the cost and effort of finding an additional cleaning provider.

Secure office cleaning teams in London

One of the advantages of working with ABClean is that our staff are highly experienced. Our teams are at ease with the security requirements of working in large office buildings. ABClean staff are trained in secure access and key-code systems. All staff are friendly and communicative and are comfortable liaising with security and reception teams. Where buildings have special access requirements simply discuss these with our team and we will endeavour to meet them.

Comprehensive office cleaning services

Our office cleaning services cover everything from hoovering to deep carpet cleaning and floor mopping and polishing. High use areas such as entrance foyers, as well as bathrooms and dining areas benefit from our top quality gear, which can deliver stunning cleaning results quickly and effectively. Windows, mirrors and glass doors will polished and cleaned for a mirror finish and we’ll also clean tables, furniture and upholstery to keep it looking bright and impressive for both staff and visitors alike.

Contact us

If you are interested in finding out more about our office cleaning business then reach out to our friendly team today for a chat. We can prioritise certain aspects of our service depending on your needs and can scale to meet any budget requirement. Reach out today and start your journey to a stunning office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Yes, we do. Call our office in London and we will be happy to work out a time that works best for your business.

Yes, we offer a free, no obligation quote to our commercial customers in London.

We can provide health and safety management for our commercial clients in London if requested.

For heavy items we can discuss each one specifically, but our operatives will move any light items of furniture themselves.

We use PROCHEM professional carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals for all of our London commercial carpet cleaning jobs.

In a well ventilated area the carpets are usually dry overnight. Our powerful Hot Water Extraction machines boast fast drying times compared to other carpet cleaning methods.

Yes, we provide a carpet tile cleaning service in London.

We will attempt to remove all stains but cannot guarantee full removal as it depends how bad the stain is.

Not as a rule. We can send CRB checked cleaner upon request.

Yes, we do offer free quotes for our commercial cleaning services in London.