We’ve all heard that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. These days, the state of the rental market has made it even more difficult. Unfortunately, buying a house anywhere in London is a pipe dream for most people at the moment unless you happen to have a spare million quid lying around.

This, combined with many other factors, means that many letting agents and landlords feel free to hit you with all kinds of administrative costs and cleaning fees on the basis that most of us don’t have any choice other than to live in rented accommodation. With all of these potential problems to navigate when you are moving into a new flat, the last thing you want is for your previous landlord to be asking to deduct money from your deposit.

Even though deposits are protected by law in schemes like the TDS these days, if you decide to challenge your landlord on any deductions they are requesting, it is likely to take hours of your time, and the overall process will take months. UK charity Shelter has some useful tips on their website in terms of what you can do to get your deposit back if the landlord has made a claim against you, but the best way to avoid that is to give them no excuse to take any money out of your deposit in the first place! The Citizens Advice Bureau have some great advice on that subject.

One of the most common reasons cited by landlords and letting agents for taking money out of deposits is because the dwelling wasn’t left in the same state as when it was handed over to the tenants. That’s where an end of tenancy cleaning service from a trusted professional like ABClean comes in. We will deliver a clean tailored to your specific needs, and will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote, so there’s no excuse not to call us if you want to leave your flat in excellent condition. Our prices are very competitive, and if you live with other people in shared accommodation like a student flat, the cost becomes even more affordable when it’s shared between multiple people!

ABClean’s end of tenancy cleaning service starts at £84 for a studio flat and we provide all of our own materials. Our thorough clean includes all rooms in the house. Carpet cleaning is not available as part of our end of tenancy cleaning service but can be booked as an extra service and then carried out at the same time. We also offer an excellent upholstery cleaning service that you can add on to our service if required. We will do our best to remove any stubborn stains you might be worried about.

So, if you’re moving house and need a reliable and affordable end of tenancy cleaning service in London, get in touch with us today!