Making the home a better place to live in is a common challenge nowadays because many families, especially in the middle class, has both the mother and the father working. In this kind of situation, taking care of the house is usually given less priority. This task is either entrusted to a hired maid or given lesser focus, at worse, it is being neglected. However, house maintenance is very important and should not be given less priority, especially cleaning and household chores like cooking or doing the laundry. Cleaning and household chores may seem to be a burden but if you look at it from a proper perspective, it can actually turn into something fun and meaningful. The question is this: What is the right perspective towards cleaning and household chores? Well, for one, if we view it as something boring and meaningless, it will be boring and meaningless. If we view it as an opportunity to have fun and learn, then it will be fun and full of lessons. One important action we can take is to involve the whole family in cleaning and household chores. This is also an opportunity to the teach children how to be responsible by giving them some of the tasks in the house like washing the dishes or throwing the garbage. This can also be a good opportunity to spend time with the family by doing together the tasks that are too exhausting for one person, for example, cleaning the whole house or the garage, or cultivating the garden. If you do these, not only are you cleaning your house physically, you are also making it a home because the family members are able to spend quality time with each other while doing something productive. Through cleaning and household chores, you can actually make your home a better place! Also, being busy is not a reason to not be able to do cleaning and household chores, the ability to do this lies mainly in the willingness and commitment of each and every member of the family.