Here is our advice on how you can make you Spring Cleaning easier and less hassle. Get yourself a plan and spread it across at least two weekends if you are to do the cleaning yourself. Plan your tasks so you move downwards in the house and in every room. Start with windows, curtains, cupboards, shelf tops, mirrors, etc. Try to manage all these in the first weekend together with a deep clean of the bathroom. That will leave you for the next weekend the thorough vacuuming, mopping, skirting boards cleaning, and doors cleaning. Our strong advice is to leave one day just for the kitchen and nothing else as this is a very time-consuming task and it is very tiring as well.

Here are some tips on how to proceed with the kitchen itself. First use a good oven cleaner chemical and soak the oven and the hobs with it. Leave it to work for few hours while you are getting along with descaling the sink and the kettle and cleaning and rearranging the cupboards. After you have finished with that the chemical in the oven will have worked through the grease and your cleaning task will be much easier. Remember to wash any residue from the oven cleaning chemical as it going to smell unpleasantly when the oven heats up.