Most of us look forward to summer, but if you suffer from hayfever, the nice weather can have some unfortunate side effects.

Allergic rhinitis’ (hayfever) is defined as an inflammation in the nose caused by an immune system overreaction to allergens in the air. Of course it is increased pollen production that is the main culprit, and that’s why the allergies of a hayfever sufferer tend to get worse when they’re outside on a nice day.

If you can’t find any relief from allergies even in the comfort of your own home, however, there might be ways to alleviate this problem, so don’t suffer in silence! All kinds of dust as well as pollen can be dragged into your home under foot or attached to your clothes. It is then often trodden deep into the pile of your carpets, out of reach from normal household cleaning techniques like vacuuming but always ready to irritate allergy sufferers!

To properly deal with the problem you need the deep clean that only a professional company like ABClean can provide. We utilise the Hot Water Extraction method of carpet cleaning, where powerful machines are used to pump water through your carpets and upholstery at a high pressure to remove dirt and debris trapped deep under the pile. We have invested heavily in the best equipment in the industry that will leave your carpets thoroughly clean and dry to the touch. All our team members adhere to the safest methods of work and have undertaken thorough carpet cleaning training. We make sure we are always up to date with new industry standards when it comes to best practice so that we can offer our customers an excellent service every time. We can even remove some of the most stubborn stains including coffee, wine and ink.

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A thoroughly clean house really can improve your quality of life, particularly if you suffer from allergies. Get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation quote.