Washing machine in our homes is one of the things we use almost every day. With time and wear and tear it stars to look old, dirty and sometimes an unpleasant smell crawls in. This can be changed and your washing machine can again look and smell at its best.

Here is some advice on how to do that.

A decent clean of your washing machine will include both outside and inside. Start with cleaning the outside. Take a close look at the buttons. They tend to store a lot of dirt in the gaps around them. Use a toothpick to dig out all the grime. Then use some antibacterial product and work it around the buttons with a toothbrush.

Clean the front, top and sides of the washing machine using a cloth and antibacterial spray. Last wipe the back of the machine as it may be quite dusty.

To clean the detergent tray, remove it from the machine (if removable) and soak it in hot water to allow the grime to loosen. Meanwhile clean where the tray stays in the machine with an antibacterial cleaner and a cloth or a sponge. Use the toothbrush for hard to reach areas. After cleaning the tray itself leave it to dry before replacing it back.

It is important to clean regularly and thoroughly the rubber seals around the door. Use an old toothbrush and antibacterial cleaner and scrub all around but carefully not to damage the rubber. Wipe the door inside and outside with an antibacterial cleaner and cloth and the edge of the machine were the door closes in.

To clean the inside of the machine select the hottest wash available. Pour few caps of white vinegar into the detergent tray and let the machine complete the cycle. This is to disinfect the inside of the machine and to get rid of the smell.

To make your big cleaning last longer you can follow some simple rules.

  • Leave the door open after every wash to allow air to circulate. This will prevent germs and bad smell settling in.
  • Clean the detergent tray every four weeks
  • Run a vinegar cycle every eight weeks.