Avoid the usual boring household chores this winter and be ready to enjoy last minute visitors at a moment’s notice. This is the time of year where you should be relaxing in your cosy, warm home with the beverage of your choice by your side. Be sure to follow these simple tips to get the most from the holiday season!  

Tidy up your home as you go

If you have kids they’re going to be off during the Xmas break, and you’ll quickly be reminded of just how fast they can create a trail of destruction in their wake. If you stay on top of this as it happens, putting used mugs in the dishwasher and tidying toys and other items away after they are used, you can avoid having to do a massive cleanup operation the day before the rest of the family are coming to visit!

Be strategic with your time to have the most impact

Focus your attention on areas of your home that visitors are likely to see. Start by making a good impression with your entry way, taking care to ensure that mud isn’t dragged in from outside and shoes are tidied away. Nobody wants to be blinded by bright lights at Christmas, and lamps or candles will go great with your decorations. Take advantage of a minimalist approach to lighting and use it to draw attention to certain areas and away from others.

Stock up on supplies

As the weather often turns out to surprise us at the last minute, or you find out you have more family members than you remembered, stock up on supplies while there are lots of good offers on at your local shop or butchers and freeze them. That way you can get them out at the drop of a hat in the event of a blizzard and get that smug feeling that comes with always being prepared.

Use scents to infuse your home with festive fragrances

This might not be for everyone, but calming Wintery scents like cinnamon, cloves or potpourri can really add to the mood you are trying to create at Christmas, even if we can’t guarantee they’ll keep your children completely harmonious. Scented candles are all over the place during Christmas, but a cheaper option is a jar of water with essential oils on the windowsill which will evaporate and infuse your home with festive cheer.

Get a professional in to help with the cleaning!

We might be biased, but we believe you can create a home you can really relax in by having your carpets and/or upholstery professionally cleaned. Carpet manufacturers recommend you do this at least once a year, and just before the festive season is a great time to do it.

Vacuuming can only achieve so much. Pets and children in the home all increase the need for a professional touch when it comes to cleaning. Many people who suffer from allergies don’t realise that the source of their irritation is underneath their feet! Carpets that aren’t properly cleaned are a haven for allergens that can make life very uncomfortable for some people. Your family may be suffering without you even knowing, so enjoy this Christmas with the peace of mind that comes from going that extra mile to make sure your home is thoroughly cleaned.

Our team at ABClean can help you with many different domestic cleaning jobs in London- from floor, carpet, and upholstery cleaning, or even our one off clean service– we will give your home that much needed boost so that you can concentrate on enjoying Christmas with your loved ones. Call us today on 0203 384 7293 to request a free quote.