First impressions are everything! The floors and soft furnishings in your reception, offices and corridors are a window into how you handle your business. A fresh, bright environment makes for a warm welcome and improves the morale of your workforce. Commercial carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning can help improve the look and feel of your workplace for a fraction of the cost of new carpets and furniture, and keeping this part of your business well maintained will mitigate against you having to make costly replacements in the future.

Contracting out cleaning work will benefit everyone in your office. You don’t want to create a situation in which your employees have to break away from the jobs they get paid for in order to do menial janitorial work. Having a routine cleaning service come in and take care of this kind of work will help everyone to be more productive.

Office cleaning can add up over the months if your employees are doing these kinds of jobs. Hiring a professional allows people to work efficiently on their own projects that require more time and skill. Let a cleaning company specialise in the cleaning, whether it is regular maintenance or the occasional carpet and upholstery job, and everyone will benefit!

Without regular care, carpets become a repository for soil, debris and many different types of allergens. Regular foot traffic from employees will agitate soil particles, working them deeper into the fibres and causing your carpets to fray. Allergens can also become trapped deep in the pile of your carpets or in your upholstery, causing irritation to employees.

With the New Year coming up soon, it’s the perfect time to get on top of this and start afresh. At ABClean we have plenty of experience when it comes to cleaning large or small offices and commercial venues in London. With awareness of the latest bugs, germs and bacteria on the increase in the public eye and in the media, people are investing more time and money into healthier, cleaner working environments, so don’t let your business get left behind.

Efficiently maintaining business premises is a must, but it is simpler than one might think to create a safe, healthy and pleasant environment for customers and employees to enjoy. With more than eleven years of experience in the cleaning services sector, ABClean is a reliable company dedicated to its customers.

All staff members at ABClean are carefully vetted and trained to the highest standards, and customer satisfaction and delivery of professional quality service is our top priority. With quality equipment and experienced staff, the service is designed to suit every customer’s needs. You can read some reviews from our previous customers here.

So, if you are interested in a one-off clean or if you want to set up a maintenance plan with us, get in touch today on 0203 384 7293. Our clients always appreciate our flexibility when it comes to making appointments, as we always try our best to come at a time which suits you to avoid disrupting your business. Contact us for a free quote.