Summer in the city is always a fantastic time, the atmosphere lifts, the sunshine beats down and everybody is in the mood to have fun and relax.

Here at ABClean we hate  it when the usual boring household chores get on top of you, follow our tips that will be sure to help you be ready to enjoy the season sun at a moments notice:

Tidy as you go

This may sound too simple, but you would be surprised how much daily clutter builds up in your home that can suddenly seem like a mountain of mess and will take hours to tidy up. Simply putting clothes and bags away when you get in from work will reduce that Friday night mess that is always so daunting. Take things upstairs when ever you go which means things are in there normal place and each room is free from unnecessary clutter.

Use little pockets of time

A great time fit in some cleaning is during advert breaks in your favorite shows. You usually will get a few minutes to watch the same old ads for things you don’t want, so why not have a scan around the room and pick up any plates, glasses, cups and take into the kitchen? Either load the dishwasher if you have one, or fill up the sink ready to wash them. If your show comes back on, leave them until the next ads! They key is to keep it light so that it doesn’t feel as though you have started a task.

Stock up on supplies

As the weather often turns out to surprise us at the last minute- for better or worse, stock up on BBQ supplies while there are lots of good offers on at your local shop and butchers and freeze them. This way you can get them out at the drop of a hat without worrying about getting to the shops on the day and battling it out for the last packet of sausages!

Our team at AB Clean can help you with those bigger jobs too – from floorcarpet cleaning, and upholstery, or even our one off “Spring clean” service will give your home that much needed boost so that you can enjoy the Summer with your loved ones without having to worry about the little details. Call us today to see how we can work with you for a better Summer.