Communal/Common Areas Cleaning

Yes. We can clean communal areas in blocks of flats, these areas include: the stairs, landing, entrance and front door.

Yes. We can provide our own equipment when we clean communal areas in flats or use equipment supplied by the customer. Please inform us of your preference when booking the communal areas cleaning service in London.

No. All we need is an accessible electric socket for the vacuum cleaner, especially if the areas are carpeted. We will also require access to water if the area needs to be mopped.

Yes. The areas we can clean in communal areas of shared flats include: kitchen, bathrooms, hallway, living and dining rooms.

We can charge for communal areas in shared flats by the hour (from £12ph) or we can discuss a set price per visit.

No. All of our cleaners are trained in safe key holding so we will just need to arrange access with you before we arrive.

Absolutely. We often provide extensive cleaning services for offices so we can carry out the cleaning of staff kitchens and other communal areas at the same time. We can also carry out more specific cleaning services for only those areas that need our attention, this can be any communal areas whether it is for a team room or a main foyer, we can adapt our services to what works well for your property.

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Maybe. We all know the kinds of signs that get put up in staff kitchens, asking people to do their own washing or in lounges to ask residents to put their rubbish in the bin. However, sometimes these things don’t get done to the necessary standard, or if they do, then other equally important aspects of cleaning are neglected instead. In areas shared by even the most considerate of users, there may not be sufficient cleaning products and equipment to deal with the gradual build up of dirt and debris. Staff are unlikely to wash the windows, or hoover under the sofas so even if your communal area is generally tidy, the odd top up form a professional is still advised. On the other hand, some people use the communal nature of these spaces to avoid their responsibilities, in which case we can provide regular, even daily cleaning services to keep things in tip top condition. As soon as things start to slide others often take this as permission to stop cleaning up after themselves, so keeping things clean and smart can make a big difference.

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Not as a rule. We can send CRB checked cleaner upon request.

Yes. Ovens are an often overlooked item when it comes to domestic cleaning. due to the high temperature involved, even small spillages can become incredibly tough to remove if not promptly dealt with. Over time, we find that even carefully looked after ovens will require some serious care and attention. Our experienced team are more than a match for the tasks, making sure that challenging marks are safely removed, restoring your oven to excellent condition.

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