In housekeeping tidiness and neatness do count. Tidy and not-so-clean will always win over clean and not-so-tidy. This principle can fool even professional housekeepers like ours that some neat and tidy house looks clean even though when they start cleaning they find that quite a bit of dirt may be hiding almost everywhere.

To get you on the way to a nice looking house we suggest:

  • Never leave your bed in a mess. Even if you thing you are going to be late. Always make your bed! It only takes a minute of your precious time but it makes a huge difference to how clean your place looks and how good you feel about it.
  • Don’t throw your dirty clothes and socks all over the floor. Put them in the laundry basket. Every time. Make it a habit.
  • Take time to sort the clothes that you have worn but are good to wear another time and hang them up neatly. This will not only make your bedroom look tidier but also will prevent clothes from getting wrinkled.
  • Choose a wastebasket which is not with an open top ad empty it regularly. Storing bin liners in the bedroom will make this task fast and easy.
  • Maintain the top of your dresser clear of bits and pieces. Organise the clutter into a nice box or put it in the drawer.