Common Areas Cleaning Service London

Common Areas Cleaning Service London

We offer a common areas cleaning service to customers throughout London. We can take care of both residential and commercial buildings to make sure they remain clean, tidy and welcoming to their users.

Many blocks of flats, converted homes and office buildings in London have common areas which many people pass through on a daily basis. From lounges and kitchens to breakout rooms and dining areas, these spaces need taking care of. Often there is no obvious person responsible for keeping these areas clean, safe and smart and residents often do not have the time to take on the responsibility themselves. Over the years we have spoken with many unhappy tenants who were looking for a quick, regular, low-cost service that could take care of these communal areas. To address the needs of these customers, we introduced out common areas cleaning service.

Tailored cleaning services

We understand that not all communal areas have the same cleaning requirements. The communal kitchen in a small student halls of residence, for example, may not require cleaning as often as the lobby of a multi storey office building. We offer our common areas cleaning services on various schedules to meet these differing needs. Generally a large office block requires daily mopping and vacuuming at least, whereas smaller residential buildings often prefer weekly or biweekly services. Our communal areas cleaning services are therefore offered with different schedules, tailored to our clients’ needs and budgets. If you have specific or unique work carried out then don’t hesitate to speak to our friendly, helpful team and we’ll do all we can to accommodate you. Of course, we appreciate that the wheels of business need to keep moving, so our common areas cleaning services are also offered outside of business hours so as to cause an absolute minimum of disruption to your business.

Making a great impression

First impressions count when it comes to communal areas. Whether you’re a landlord or business owner, the need to make a great impression on prospective clients or residents is vital. As always, few business owners have the time to take care of these areas themselves and instead require a trusted company to handle them. At ABClean we are highly experienced in this type of work and, once booked, will maintain common areas without prompting and keep to the schedule. You won’t need to take loads of time out of your day to manage us, we’re competent and reliable so you enjoy the best cleaning with no fuss. What’s more, you won’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on professional gear or waste valuable communal space storing it. ABClean bring all our own equipment to and from the communal areas we clean and we’ve already invested in the best cleaning equipment and technology on the market. This means we deliver better results in less time, so you can be confident that the common areas in your building are better presented for regular users or new visitors.

Protect your investment

As the owner or manager of a property in London, we want to help you take care of it. With property prices at an all time high and renovation work being costly, we can help stop issues becoming big problems. Regular, professional cleaning can help keep your property hygienic and reduce the build up of dirt and grime which can cause long term damage.

What we do when cleaning common areas

All buildings are different, so the specific cleaning jobs performed in the communal areas we clean can vary. The standard of the work we carry out, however, will not change. Whatever the cleaning requirements of your common areas, we have both the equipment and the skill to meet them. A typical job would see all carpeted areas vacuumed with deep cleaning machines which can extend the life of carpets. Laminate or hard flooring will be mopped and polished and, of course, handrails and skirting boards will be taken care of too. Glass in windows and doors, as well as their frames and sills will be throughly polished and cleaned. We don’t just stop there, we also clean communal toilets and kitchens to the same high standards; when you book ABClean for your common areas cleaning we take care of it all.

Staying safe

The need to follow proper health and safety practises when working in communal areas is something we take extremely seriously. Where required, we will carry out all proper risk assessments before beginning work and will provide and display appropriate signage when work is being carried out. We work in a safe and considerate manner and handle the cleaning of all high-risk communal areas such as staircases with a minimum of hassle. As always, if you have specific requirements then please discuss these with us; customer service is our top priority and we aim to please.

Key points for our common areas cleaning service:

  • all carpeted areas vacuumed;
  • all hard floors mopped;
  • all common areas skirting boards and staircase rails dusted;
  • all windows, window frames and sills cleaned inside;
  • all doors and mirrors cleaned;
  • cleaning of toilet facilities (if part of the common areas);
  • cleaning of kitchen facilities (if part of the common areas);
  • various schedules and budget options available.

Our communal areas cleaning services are available to businesses throughout London, so wherever you’re based do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your needs. We can scale the service we provide to suit building owners and residents on any budget and we believe our services offer outstanding value. We can organise the Common Areas Cleaning service for you on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly basis. Whatever the cleaning requirements of the common areas in your building, get in touch today, we’d be delighted to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Communal/Common Areas Cleaning

Yes. We can clean communal areas in blocks of flats, these areas include: the stairs, landing, entrance and front door.

Yes. We can provide our own equipment when we clean communal areas in flats or use equipment supplied by the customer. Please inform us of your preference when booking the communal areas cleaning service in London.

No. All we need is an accessible electric socket for the vacuum cleaner, especially if the areas are carpeted. We will also require access to water if the area needs to be mopped.

Yes. The areas we can clean in communal areas of shared flats include: kitchen, bathrooms, hallway, living and dining rooms.

We can charge for communal areas in shared flats by the hour (from £12ph) or we can discuss a set price per visit.

No. All of our cleaners are trained in safe key holding so we will just need to arrange access with you before we arrive.

Absolutely. We often provide extensive cleaning services for offices so we can carry out the cleaning of staff kitchens and other communal areas at the same time. We can also carry out more specific cleaning services for only those areas that need our attention, this can be any communal areas whether it is for a team room or a main foyer, we can adapt our services to what works well for your property.

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Maybe. We all know the kinds of signs that get put up in staff kitchens, asking people to do their own washing or in lounges to ask residents to put their rubbish in the bin. However, sometimes these things don’t get done to the necessary standard, or if they do, then other equally important aspects of cleaning are neglected instead. In areas shared by even the most considerate of users, there may not be sufficient cleaning products and equipment to deal with the gradual build up of dirt and debris. Staff are unlikely to wash the windows, or hoover under the sofas so even if your communal area is generally tidy, the odd top up form a professional is still advised. On the other hand, some people use the communal nature of these spaces to avoid their responsibilities, in which case we can provide regular, even daily cleaning services to keep things in tip top condition. As soon as things start to slide others often take this as permission to stop cleaning up after themselves, so keeping things clean and smart can make a big difference.

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Not as a rule. We can send CRB checked cleaner upon request.

Yes. Ovens are an often overlooked item when it comes to domestic cleaning. due to the high temperature involved, even small spillages can become incredibly tough to remove if not promptly dealt with. Over time, we find that even carefully looked after ovens will require some serious care and attention. Our experienced team are more than a match for the tasks, making sure that challenging marks are safely removed, restoring your oven to excellent condition.

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