How to keep your loft tidy and useful

Is your loft crowded with stuff that is piled all over? If that is so you probably store there just things you don’t really need and you don’t make the most of your storage space.

This can easily be changed. Here is our advice on how to do it.

Pick up a day that you want to clean and organise your loft and don’t plan anything else for that day. Get plastic transparent storage boxes with lids to put the useful stuff in.

Tae the boxes up with you and start sorting thins out from one side. Start putting things in categories in different box. For example: toys, books, shoes, tools, Christmas stuff, Halloween stuff, etc. Make sure you put only things that you need and will use some time in the boxes and throw the rest away.

When you have a full box place it nicely and label it. Then put the next one on the top of it and so on. After that do the same on the other side of the loft leaving a path in the middle so you have easy access to all the boxes.

If you don’t travel often, place the suitcases at the back. This way your loft will look tidier and the access will be free of bulky items.

Ta-da! Take a look now and see how much more space you’ve got!

You can now pack your summer clothes and shoes and put them in the loft too and enjoy a lot more space in your wardrobes as well.