It’s the start of a new year! Where will it take you?

If you’ve resolved to keep your home cleaner and tidier than ever in 2017 here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Write a timetable for cleaning and stick to it

If you’re thinking of putting it off a week, remember that it’s easier to clean when things haven’t already too far gone. Little and often makes all the difference.

Give everything a home

Using storage to ensure that everything has a proper place to live will help to keep your home organised. If you don’t already own a shoe rack or you could do with an extra chest of drawers, now might be a good time to make sure people have places to put stuff away when they need to be put away.

Clear the clutter

What haven’t you used in a while? If you are struggling to find space for the things you do use every day (shoes, coats, the TV remote) it’s time to identify the things that you hardly ever use and think about getting rid of them. Could someone else be making better use of whatever’s gathering dust in your cupboards?

Keep it consistent

Studies have shown that it takes a new behaviour a few weeks to become a habit. So, if you get used to doing a bit of a whip around and doing the basics once a week, you’ll soon find that this behaviour becomes automatic. Next thing you know the status quo becomes a clean house!

Call a professional

Why not make a fresh start to year and call in some backup for keeping your home clean? Our fantastic, friendly cleaners stop the problems piling up meaning you have more time to enjoy your time at home. There are loads of things you can do yourself to improve your home, but when it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning, manufacturers recommend you get a professional in at least once a year. Our cleaning equipment and know-how means we can get rid of potentially harmful bacteria and allergens hidden deep within your carpets or furniture. Find out why we have happy customers all over London and call today to book a free, no obligation quote!