Is Your Mop Wasting Your Time and Money?

I’m sure that finding the right mop is probably the last thing on your to do list, but chances are you’re not entireliy happy with your current mop, or feel like you could find a better one. Another part of you is probably thinking “who cares, a mop is just a mop, any will do”. But the truth is, a mop shouldn’t be just another household cleaning tool. You shouldn’t have to work hard for your mop, your mop should work hard for you. So stop making more of a mess than you started with. Find the right mop for you and save time. This article will show you the pros and cons to each type of mop. This can help you find your perfect tool and save you time and money.

Traditional Mop

Everyone is familiar with the old fashioned, traditional mops. We all remember this mop because we grew up watching our grandmothers and mothers using them. These traditional mops are still a favorite for many people today. They do have their good sides. The mop head is big, and holds a lot of water. This means that you can clean large areas of the floor in fewer strokes. The down side is that they are often heavy, and messy. It requires a bucket of water that can make a big mess and needs to be arried around. You also have to wring it out, which requires quite a lot of effort and energy sometimes.

Sponge Mop

This sponge mop has also been around for quite a long time, and is a favorite for many people as well. This mop is much lighter than the traditional mop, and much easier to handle. Because of the design of this map, you can really scrub the floor hard. This means that you can get your floor cleaner. It is quite a bit smaller, so it may take longer to clean a large floor. If you have a big house, this may not be the mop for you. The sponge mops also requires a bucket of soap and water, and some of them you have to wring the sponge head out manually. Other models of this mop you can wring out without getting your hands wet. You may also have to buy new sponge heads to replace the old ones when they wear out.

Spinning Mops

                A spinning mop is much like a traditional mop, with a new spin to it. It looks much like a traditional mop, but has a round head with a swivel on it. The mop bucket is designed with a spinner built in. Once you dip the mop in the water, you place it in the spinner and press the paddle. It spins all of the excess water off into the bucket. This offers the same great results as the traditional mop, but doesn’t make you get your hands wet and requires less effort. The mop head is quite a bit smaller; so it will not clean as much surface as a traditional mop. This is one of those mops that is fun for the whole household. It is also easy to remove the mop head and throw it in the washing machine.

Electric Mops

This is one of the most popular household mops on the market right now. This is so popular because there is no bucket required. You simply place the cleaning solution into the slot, press the button and start mopping. The down side is that you have to buy new heads every time you use the mop, and new cleaning solution when it runs out.