Carpet Cleaning E3 Bow

Carpet Cleaning E3 Bow

Are you looking for a reliable carpet cleaner in Bow? Look no further than the professional team at ABClean. We have technicians in the area ready to help you with your tough carpet cleaning jobs. With the latest equipment and a high standard of training given to all of our  staff you will be impressed at how much of a difference a professional carpet cleaning service can help.

You do not need to replace expensive carpets that look tired and old, our specialist cleaning technique can breath life back into them as well as remove long term bacteria, dust mites and stains that have embedded themselves into the fibres. Cleaning your carpet regularly will not only refresh the look and feel of the carpet but also help your carpet last longer, with loose debris falling onto the floor everyday, it can start to get pushed down below the surface of the fibres and start to rub and erode the very base of the carpet. We use industry standard detergents to clean dirt and stains. Using fresh water to rinse this out our Hot Water extraction machine, although portable has the suction to leave your carpets almost completely dry so you can get on with your day with minimum disruption. For more information about our carpet cleaning service in Bow call ABClean today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Carpet Cleaning

Yes, we offer a free, no-obligation quote for carpet cleaning in London.

We cannot guarantee that all stains will be fully removed, but many of our customers in London have been surprised with what we can achieve with even the most stubborn marks. If you were considering getting your carpets replaced at great cost, our services might be exactly what you need as they provide a much cheaper alternative.

Drying times will vary based on weather conditions and ventilation. On average it takes about 12 hours, and we never leave carpets soaked through and sodden, just damp. Our investment in a top of the range portable Hot Water Extraction machine allows us to achieve these fast drying times.

We will move light furniture like chairs, but not very heavy tables because this presents a health and safety risk. If beds need to be moved you need to be present and assist our operatives.

If you have a wool based carpet in London, we can clean it if you let us know that it’s that type of material.

Yes, many of our clients have maintenance based contracts with us. Carpet manufacturers recommend that carpets are cleaned at least once every six months to a year, so this is a great way to keep them looking as good as new and lasting for longer.

We use PROCHEM professional carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals, allowing us to provide the best clean possible, every time.

Not as a rule. We can send CRB checked cleaner upon request.