Carpet Cleaning E2 Bethnal Green

Carpet Cleaning E2 Bethnal Green

Our professional carpet cleaning in Bethnal Green is the ideal solution for you home. ABClean has built up a great reputation by providing consistent, friendly carpet cleaning that gets great results for our customers. By training our staff to the highest standards on all the latest carpet cleaning techniques we can remove stubborn marks and stains that have otherwise been difficult to get clean.

For the first stage in our carpet cleaning process we prepare your carpet thoroughly by vacuuming any loose debris, grit and muck from the surface. We then apply detergents and shampoos to the carpet and agitating to so that the cleaning agents get to work. We pay particular attention to tough areas or areas with heavy foot traffic as these often have the most dirt. We then use a specialist hot water extraction machine (HWE) to rinse the carpet properly removing all traces of the detergents. This portable machine is very powerful and is able to extract most of the liquid leaving your carpet almost completely dry. Some carpet cleaning machines do not have the power necessary to fully extract the detergents and water leaving customers with damp, dirtier carpets. However we have invested in the latest tools for the job so we achieve clean carpets every time. We recommend not walking on the carpets for a period time after we have finished to ensure that you get the best results. For more information about our carpet cleaning in Bethnal Green contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Carpet Cleaning

Yes, we offer a free, no-obligation quote for carpet cleaning in London.

We cannot guarantee that all stains will be fully removed, but many of our customers in London have been surprised with what we can achieve with even the most stubborn marks. If you were considering getting your carpets replaced at great cost, our services might be exactly what you need as they provide a much cheaper alternative.

Drying times will vary based on weather conditions and ventilation. On average it takes about 12 hours, and we never leave carpets soaked through and sodden, just damp. Our investment in a top of the range portable Hot Water Extraction machine allows us to achieve these fast drying times.

We will move light furniture like chairs, but not very heavy tables because this presents a health and safety risk. If beds need to be moved you need to be present and assist our operatives.

If you have a wool based carpet in London, we can clean it if you let us know that it’s that type of material.

Yes, many of our clients have maintenance based contracts with us. Carpet manufacturers recommend that carpets are cleaned at least once every six months to a year, so this is a great way to keep them looking as good as new and lasting for longer.

We use PROCHEM professional carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals, allowing us to provide the best clean possible, every time.

Not as a rule. We can send CRB checked cleaner upon request.