Carpet Cleaning London

Carpet Cleaning London

If you’re in the London area and would like your carpet’s restoring to a stunning condition, our professional carpet cleaning service may be just what you need.

Carpet’s are an important part of any home, they provide a wonderful soft and warm surface that cushions impact, reduces noise and adds a bit of colour to a space. They’re also great at trapping dust, dirt and pollen from the air and containing it. Eventually, however, they reach saturation point. Even with regular vacuuming, the deep fibres of a carpet can quickly amass a huge amount of dust and dirt. Domestic cleaning equipment can do a great job of getting rid of the muck that you can see, but unfortunately doesn’t come close to reaching deep into the fibres and tackling the hidden nasties: smells, mites and bacteria. If you’re frustrated with trying to keep you carpet looking great or simply don’t have the time to keep up with all the chores, our professional carpet cleaning service is here to take the burden from you and restore your carpet.

Hot water extraction

The carpet cleaning technique we use is the hot water extraction method. This is recommended by carpet manufacturer sand is in some cases required in order to maintain the warranty on a carpet. Hot water extraction is regarded as the best carpet cleaning method because it does not damage the fibres and cleans the carpet deeper without leaving any residue to attract dirt. When correctly carried out, it leaves your carpet thoroughly cleaned – a deeper clean that will last for a longer period. Don’t worry that the technique involves water, our techniques are quick-drying so you won’t be stuck with a soggy carpet for weeks afterwards. Major carpet manufacturers recommend professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months to maintain appearance. However, if you have children, pets or allergies, we would recommend professional carpet cleaning every 6 months. By cleaning deeper, we eliminate things like pollen and dust which can cause breathing problems such as asthma and hay fever and make your home a far more pleasant place to be.

How do we clean carpets?

The hot water extraction carpet cleaning method is the most approved and efficient one. We start the cleaning process by vacuuming the whole area. If there are any obvious stains these are treated with special chemicals appropriate to the cause. After that the entire carpet is surface shampooed whilst at the same time the powerful machines extract both water and dirt, leaving the carpets slightly damp but not wet. Our carpet cleaning technicians in London are fully-trained, ensuring high quality results and the best standards of customer service. All the chemicals and cleaning products we use are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and safe to use. Whatever your requirements for carpet cleaning, here at ABClean we have the experience, training and skills to deliver an outstanding service every time.

Carpet Spot Stain Removal Cleaning

Have you had a spillage on your carpet? Has one of your children or pets had an “accident”? Stop! Before you do anything give us a call on 0203 384 7293 – we may be able to save you a costly carpet replacement. Professional carpet cleaning has a much better chance of permanently removing stubborn unsightly stains than any sprays or “home made” remedies you might have available. Remember, if you treat the stain with domestic products, you may well reduce the chance of professional carpet cleaning removing it fully. The reason is that regular cleaning sprays very often don’t remove the stains at all but lock them in so hard that even after a proper carpet cleaning they are still slightly visible or, in some cases, even look the same. Often these chemicals are only suited to very specific types of carpet and can even damage the fibres of carpets they are not intended to work on. Of course, most homeowners simply do not know the cleaning requirements of their carpets since they were generally installed years earlier and their documentation has long since been forgotten. In this case you need an experienced carpet cleaning technician who can recognise the material they are working with and provide the best possible cleaning solution for it. So, please, don’t ruin your beautiful carpet before you give the professionals a call to get an immediate free quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

Carpet Cleaning

Yes, we offer a free, no-obligation quote for carpet cleaning in London.

We cannot guarantee that all stains will be fully removed, but many of our customers in London have been surprised with what we can achieve with even the most stubborn marks. If you were considering getting your carpets replaced at great cost, our services might be exactly what you need as they provide a much cheaper alternative.

Drying times will vary based on weather conditions and ventilation. On average it takes about 12 hours, and we never leave carpets soaked through and sodden, just damp. Our investment in a top of the range portable Hot Water Extraction machine allows us to achieve these fast drying times.

We will move light furniture like chairs, but not very heavy tables because this presents a health and safety risk. If beds need to be moved you need to be present and assist our operatives.

If you have a wool based carpet in London, we can clean it if you let us know that it’s that type of material.

Yes, many of our clients have maintenance based contracts with us. Carpet manufacturers recommend that carpets are cleaned at least once every six months to a year, so this is a great way to keep them looking as good as new and lasting for longer.

We use PROCHEM professional carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals, allowing us to provide the best clean possible, every time.

Not as a rule. We can send CRB checked cleaner upon request.