Who doesn’t love easter? Off the back of a blockbuster four day weekend and the kids off school as well the house is likely to take a bit of a battering. Ever had to deal with a collision between melted chocolate and carpet? Not pretty and not fun!

Easter is a great time to catch up with friends any maybe even start dragging the BBQ out from the back of the shed. It’s also a time when the house tends to need a good freshen up. Aside from the general messiness of having the kids about and a long weekend at home, you might well have hay fever to deal with as well. Now might be the time to call a carpet cleaner!

Spring cleaning is a great excuse to deal with all the cleaning chores that you may not have had time to do over the Christmas period. Now the sun has started to show it’s face again you might find those cobwebs and dusty corners a little harder to ignore. After months of cold, darkness and wet weather there might be some nasty surprises lurking around the house, particularly in older properties that suffer from damp.

As plants start to blossom and release their pollen unfortunately hay fever season begins to kick in. If your carpets haven’t been properly cleaned you’d be surprised at how quickly pollen can collect within their fibres. Carpets basically act as a huge filter, trapping dust, hair and pollen in their fibres. Regular vacuum cleaning is a good way to minimise this, but non-professional gear might not be powerful enough to get to the bulk of the dirt. Our experienced carpet cleaning team are ready and waiting to help improve the hygiene of your carpets with a deep clean. We’ll of course get rid of all that top level dust, but also clean much deeper, capturing the trodden in dirt, removing odours and generally getting the place smelling fresh and looking great.

So with the weather picking up and a bit more time with friends on the cards why not bring the freshness of spring into your home with a professional carpet clean. Make sure your home looks as great as you do this spring with our allergen-busting, carpet care services. Give us a call today for a free quote.