After Builders Cleaning in London

After Builders Cleaning in London

Having work done by builders in your home or business premises can be stressful enough on its own without having to worry about clearing up the mess afterwards.

The pace of building work in London is higher than ever. With the property market continuing to grow there is a constantly increasing demand for new and larger homes and workspaces. Whether you’re a landlord, home owner or business owner, if you’ve recently undergone construction work on your premises you’ll no doubt be aware that it creates a colossal amount of mess. From dust to dirty footprints, fragments of brick and pieces of drywall, getting cleaned up after building work can be mammoth challenge. At the same time, people are increasingly desperate to use their new or additional space as soon as building work has finished. The most effective way to solve this dilemma is to work with a cleaning company that provides a service specifically tailored to deal with the mess left behind after building  work and renovations. ABClean offer an after builders cleaning service to address the needs of these customers.

After builders, on schedule

The first consideration for many projects, particularly those on tight budgets, is timing. Sticking to schedules during construction and renovation work can be stressful. Unexpected problems can arise that can extend timescales by weeks and the last thing property owners want is for the clean up operation to drag the project out even longer. Our after builders cleaning service is prompt and reliable, ensuring we cause no delays and projects can be completed on time and on schedule. If you are already anticipating the end of your building project then get in touch as soon as possible to discuss your needs. Even if you don’t have a completion date set in stone, the best way to ensure that cleaning is completed promptly is to contact our friendly, flexible team as soon as possible.

Cleaners with construction experience

Our team of dedicated cleaners are able to deal with the wide variety of situations that may be left behind by construction and renovation contractors. Proper health and safety practise is key to our after builders cleaning service and all proper procedures will be followed. We carry out our own thorough risk assessments to ensure not just our own safety, but the safety of anyone else on site too. Our staff work quickly and efficiently but never rush, keeping things safe at all times. If work is still taking place on site our friendly team will liaise with builders and site managers to ensure effective cleaning without inconvenience to the other workers.

Cleaning after extensions, excavation and construction

Our after builders services are completely scalable and have found popularity with home and business owners alike. Whether you’ve recently had a small extension added to your home, a basement excavation or are completing the build on a brand new high spec apartment block, our service can be adapted to your specific needs and budget. We can take bookings well in advance to ensure they fit in with your building schedule. If there is a specific part of the building which needs more attention or the rooms need completing in a certain order we will always go the extra mile to accommodate you; customer service is at the hear of what we do.

The main work included in our After Builders Cleaning package generally include:

  • removing any labels from newly fitted equipment;
  • cleaning all hard floors removing paint or other stains;
  • cleaning windows, window frames and sills from inside;
  • dusting all skirting boards and doors;
  • cleaning sockets and switches;
  • cleaning and dusting all shelves, cupboards and drawers;
  • vacuuming or mopping floors;
  • dusting all surfaces.

Ultimately, our after builders cleaning service is designed to meet the needs of those who need a quick and top quality turnaround after the completion of renovation works. We are confident that you will find our punctual, reliable service is an easy and welcome end to any construction project. If you are interested in our great-value after builders package then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team today and discover what makes our services outstanding.

* Please note that professional Carpet Cleaning or Upholstery Cleaning is not included in the After Builders Cleaning Service package as standard. However, we can however provide this service on the same day on request if needed. The After Builders Clean price is £14 per hour and we provide all the cleaning equipment necessary.  Please note that there is a minimum booking of 4 hours and any parking fees or Congestion Charge will be payable in addition.


Frequently Asked Questions

After Builders Cleaning

Yes, this is one of the main situations in which we would provide this service. If you have had a new home built, structural work carried out or even just a bit of internal remodelling and decorating, then we are here to help. Not only do these kind of projects often leave new or improved rooms in a state that is not quite ready to use, the debris from the the work process can be overflow into the rest of your house. We suggest that cleaning is carried out as promptly as possible to reduce the risk of dust, dirt and debris from being spread further into your home.

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Yes, absolutely! As work spaces are built and improved across London, we get involved after the structural and internal work has been carried out to prepare the area for your business. Due to the rapid rate of construction projects, dirt, dust and debris can be left behind in copious quantities. As experienced, professional cleaners we can help you get your premises up to scratch as quickly as possible, helping to minimise the disruption. Not only that, but once you are settled down, we can help you keep your nice new office up to scratch with our regular, office cleaning services.

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No two after builders cleaning jobs are the same so we adapt the precise work that we carry out to each case. Of course there are some tasks which are required in the majority of situations, we make sure that any debris or packaging is safely removed and we remove dust from the floors, walls, skirting boards and windows. Even if it is only this work that needs carrying out, the sheer quantity of dust means this is no mean feat. We carry out the wiping, washing, mopping, hoovering and specialist cleaning that is needed in your specific case. We do what is necessary to turn what was recently a building site into a clean, healthy habitable space. In extreme cases we can need to include extra services such as carpet cleaning to make sure that we leave your premises in the best possible condition.

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We realise that it can be tricky to predict exactly when a construction project is completed. You may not even know until the day it is actually finished. That’s why we are ready and waiting to help out as soon as possible. Of course the best thing to do is to get in touch as early as possible – even if you don’t have a specific time or day when you’ll need us to get involved, we can arrive even more promptly if we have a rough idea in advance.

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Yes of course! We can provide a deep and thorough after building cleaning service for all kinds of retail spaces, restaurants and commercial premises. If multiple teams of contractors have been involved in constructing or refitting a space then inevitable a considerable amount of dust, dirt and debris remains. Our team are here to help you prepare for your opening, making sure that all of the surfaces that have been contaminated are restored to their best possible condition.

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Not as a rule. We can send CRB checked cleaner upon request.